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Direct Manufacturer - Oil Paintings Painted on Real Canvas by Hand from Scratch, at any Size, Including Frames

Abstract, Landscape, Impression, Nudes, Still Life, Animals, Flowers, Family Portraits, Religious, Cartoon & Custom Made.

Our Art Studio / Factory & Skilled Painters.

We are a professional & experienced contract manufacturer of wholesale oil paintings & art reproductions. Our art gallery / factory is located in famous village of Dafen in Shenzhen, the premier oil painting reproducing center in China and we have a production workshop with 10 "designers" who do original paintings and 300 skilled painters who copy these originals, some painters specializing in animals, others in landscape, others in flowers and so forth, an approach that not only improves "quality" but also increases output and reduces costs.

We supply more than 10 thousand high quality paintings at unbeatable prices, and All our paintings are 100% Hand-painted on the high quality oil & canvas by talented and professional artists. We do NOT use any computer generated or digital techniques. As everybody knows, the paintings can not be exactly the same even by the same artist. Please allow little difference from the original artwork. But it’ll definitely convey the brilliance of the original artwork totally and be unique. we supply to paintings manufactuers, art gallerys, wholesalers, resellers, retails, worldwide.

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Our staff of world-class artisans painstakingly reproduces all of our paintings by hand, using only the highest quality oils and canvas.

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Custom you own oil paintings.

We can turn any photograph and digital image into a hand painted oil painting. We can create anything from a portrait of yourself, your family, your house, your pets and loved ones to a painting. If you want to order an existing painting, but you can’t find it in our database, please fill out our Contact Form below, we can paint any size, any image.

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Why Choose Us?

  Wholesale Direct Manufacturer - Producing high quality paintings at unbeatable prices.

  100% Hand-painted all of our paintings on canvas - Real Western Art!.

  Any Size, any designs, finished paintings on schedule to your specifications.

  Large but Flexible Production Capacity.

  Efficiency of our shipping process and our top-notch customer service

We take great pride not only in the quality of our paintings and our competitive prices, but also in the efficiency of our shipping process and our top-notch customer service. All of our paintings are delivered on time to your door or business, Worldwide shipping is available.

What Our Customers Say...

“Hi, The painting which I order from you is hot sell in my market. My customers were be pleased with it.”

Ms Alizee Jactry

from Paris, French

“Hello, Helen. I receive my paintings, the quality is good and the shipping is on time. I feel very satisfied.”

Mr Kapil Watson

from Los Angeles, USA

“ Very happy with the order. Thanks for all your hard work. ”

Ms D.

from Londen, UK

“ Hi, I’m happy to receive my paintings, everything is follow my requirement. I think this will be the beginning of a long and pleasant business association between us.Next time I still want to cooperate with you. ”

Mr Aviram Sharma

from New Delhi, India


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